Math Summit 2023: Central Texas & Texas

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Math Summit 2023

The 2023 Central Texas Math Summit will feature a deeper dive into data points shared on our Middle School and High School Math Pathways chapters.

Explore your district using the left hand menu or explore data for the region to better understand:
  • Pipelines from middle school math to postsecondary outcomes
  • Annual high school math course enrollment
  • First-year postsecondary math completion for CTX students who enroll in public CTX institutions

Completing Algebra I Before High School Matters for Postsecondary Success, BUT Acceleration in High School Can Also Support Success

The two charts below show postsecondary outcomes for students based on their first and last math attained in high school. Across our region, students who can start high school with the pre-requisite course of Algebra I in-hand, and who complete college-aligned math their senior year have the best chance at postsecondary completion six-years after graduation.

But, those students who accelerate in high school and complete college-aligned math in their senior year also have better outcomes than those who take on-level or no math their senior year.

When systems align math pathways across middle and high school with the goal of increasing supports and access to Algebra I before high school and college-aligned math senior year, students have the best chance of success.

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How Can We Align to Support Shared Students Transitioning to Central Texas Postsecondary Institutions?

The charts below shows first-year postsecondary math course completion for graduates in the class of 2020 who enrolled in Central Texas public postsecondary institutions.

As you review the data, think about how you can partner with others in the room to best support your shared students.

ACC, TSU, and UT institution specific data

CTX Graduates First-Year Postsecondary Math Completion in CTX Public Postsecondary Institutions Varies by Senior-Year Household Income


CTX Graduates First-Year Postsecondary Math Course-Completion in CTX Public Postsecondary Institutions Varies by Race

Disparities Exist in High School Math Enrollment

The charts below show a snapshot of course enrollment for high school students (9th-12th grades) during the 2021-2022 school year.

  • How does your district compare to Central Texas and Texas?
  • As you review the data, think about disparities in who is accessing different levels of math.
  • How might this data help you as you consider aligning high school math course-taking to postsecondary math course-taking?
  • What else would you like to know about math course enrollment?

Note: If a student enrolled in more than one course, they would be counted more than once.

High School Math Course-Taking Snapshots by Household Income

High School Math Course-Taking Snapshots by Race